Sales Force Automation system

Polkomtel S.A. is the leading mobile operator in Poland, recognized under the brand name Plus GSM. In 2008, Polkomtel S.A. started the process of finding an SFA/FFA class system by invitation the largest manufacturers of this class of solutions to negotiations. Polkomtel S.A. expected one comprehensive offer, which would include the implementation, further development and maintenance of the mobile system and the system of electronic data exchange for a period of 5 years from the completion of the implementation.

Implementation context

At the Department of Mass Market (Modern Distribution Channel), Polkomtel S.A. required the implementation of IT tools that would provide:

  • Supporting Modern and Traditional Distribution channels staff in everyday work
  • The management of sales representatives at Modern and Traditional Distribution Channel by their Channel Coordinators
  • Enabling the precise planning and accounting of individual employees regarding their tasks
  • Reporting the sales results
  • Reporting the work of sales representatives
  • Enabling the acquisition and collection of information about inventory of Polkomtel S.A. products on the market
  • Enabling product reports
  • Electronic exchange of settlement documents with Partners

Business requirements

The basic requirements of Polkomtel S.A. included the capability of:

  • System administration, personnel management, reporting from the system
  • System operation both on PDA and smartphone
  • Performing tasks imposed by administrators or supervisors defined from within the application
  • Recording of all actions which take place at the customer (point of sales) during a sales meeting
  • Collecting information about inventory, sales by distributors, re-distributors, agents, sub-agents, POS
  • Data management on the central side (improvement of data, dictionaries definition, etc.)
  • Reporting from the system using analytical tools
  • Automatic downloads of information prepared by individual distributors, re-distributors, agents, sub-agents, POS
  • The capability to determine the rules for data exchange (range of documents, etc.)
  • Integration with partners in Electronic Data Exchange
  • Data Management in the Electronic Data Exchange system

Safety conditions

Polkomtel S.A. also expected the supplier to use general, universally accepted standards, guidelines, proper programming practices in the design, implementation, configuration, and maintenance of systems, including the conditions of the PN-ISO/IEC 17799 and ISO/IEC13335, the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, and Database Protection Act.


The long process of the selection of SFA/FFA system supplier was supported by functional tests and reliability of 4mPOWER platform delivered by Softline. Polkomtel S.A. uses an extended version of 4mPOWER, including the mechanism for the automation of data exchange with business partners and staff monitoring in addition to traditional functions of sales, controlling and management.

System development

While using the 4mPower system, and convincing themselves about the system quality and its stability Polkomtel S.A. aims at the development of the software with new modules. Currently, Polkomtel S.A. uses a sophisticated Loyalty Program system, which communicates with the external system to transmit data so that mobile workers can quickly respond to market changes and supervision of assigned points in the loyalty program. “Zyskuj z Plusem” Loyalty program was implemented at Polkomtel S.A. by Softline with B2B Partner and Inmark 360. Currently extensive development work of 4mPower system is underway in response to new needs of Polkomtel S.A.