For more than 16 years Softline has made comprehensive IT systems for customers, who extensively use Internet technologies and mobile devices in their business. Our expertise extends from those related to IT infrastructure virtualization and hybrid cloud solutions to develop IT systems which extensively use the capabilities of modern mobile devices. Our strengths are in experience and expert teams, which implemented more than 100 projects for our customers.


Mobile systems

Systemy mobilne
We provide both ready-made systems for the industry, and develop systems from scratch. We have the knowledge and experience to transform the ideas of our customers into excellent mobile applications.

Software House

We provide services for the support and development of complex, dedicated IT solutions. Our industry expertise includes logistics, telecommunications, as well as fuel and energy market.

Our brands

AdRay is the latest tool in the Softline product range. The main tasks of AdRay include comprehensive monitoring and analysis of activities in the Internet marketing. The system for collecting and monitoring the display ads is a perfect solution for media houses, advertising agencies, and marketing departments.
4mPOWER is a line of SFA/FFA class systems for field workforce management. The line is based on the 4mPOWER engine developed over many years and recognized by customers across Poland. 4mPOWER includes specialized systems for the following industries: FMCG, financial, escort.
A dedicated platform for the development of multi-module solutions for Internet of Things for various industry applications. The platform core consists of 4mPower components, which have worked in the management of distributed mobile terminals on a large scale.
Seco Cloud is a platform for creating private and public clouds. Discover the true power of software for the management of a data center based on the Open Stack environment.